Touring Options

We are offering several options for tours:

-Virtual via FaceTime or Zoom
-Virtual via emailed videos. You can also check out the video/photos our website has to offer.

* Please note, if you prefer a guided tour over a virtual or self-guided tour, there are a few policies we have set in place for everyone’s protection:

-No more than 4 people in your group to tour
-Masks are required through the duration of your visit (ages 10+), we ask that you provide your own

Call 757-471-2004 Monday-Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM to schedule your tour! 

Blog Articles

Check Out The Virginia Beach Public Library from Home

Your Virginia Beach Public Library card offers much more than just books and movies. You can access dozens of great resources, all for free and without ever leaving your Virginia Beach apartment. Check out these three ways to use your virtual public library in Virginia Beach!

Technology Help

Technology is advancing and evolving each day. Whether you feel like you have a pretty good handle on it, or feel completely out of touch, there is always more to learn. With your Virginia Beach Public Library card, you can browse tons of self-paced technology lessons. You can take an assessment to determine what you may need to learn more about, or just jump right in. You can learn more about Snapchat, using your smartphone, utilizing your PC, coding, internet browsing, and more. You could even fill out a form asking a librarian for specific advice regarding a tech problem you're encountering. 

Online Classes

Speaking of lessons, if you haven't taken advantage of Lynda courses, now is the perfect opportunity. Your VBPL card gives you completely free access to Lynda. With hundreds of courses, you'll be able to learn more about software, business, creative skills, and how to set professional goals. It's amazing everything you can access with your library card, without ever leaving our Virginia Beach apartments. 

Book Recommendations

Okay, so this isn't as surprising, but it's still a great service. VBPL invites you to ask for reading recommendations based on your prior preferences. All you have to do is fill out their online form, telling them a little about books you've enjoyed in the past, what you're in the mood to read, and what format you like to read in. They'll take it from there. You can then either use their curbside pickup services or download a copy of an eBook directly to one of your devices.

With dozens of great online resources, you can continue learning without ever leaving your Virginia Beach apartment. If you're interested in a stylish and luxurious new space, schedule a tour with us today! Plus, keep an eye out for other things to do nearby by checking out our new blog.

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