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Check Out These Boxing Gyms in Virginia Beach

Boxing provides an excellent form of cardio that can feel fun and invigorating. Here are some of the best boxing gyms to try in Virginia Beach close to home. 

RockBox Fitness

Five steps make up the boxing plan at RockBox Fitness. They want you to wrap your hands to keep them protected, engage in a worthwhile warm-up, and learn all the boxing combos. Follow that with some functional strength-building and complete the routine with a cool down. Best of all, you can get started with a free class to see if boxing is for you.

PowerHouse Boxing & Kickboxing

PowerHouse is a boxing and martial arts facility. It provides membership options and a drop-in choice. You can drop into any class for a nominal fee or join their program for regular attendance. They even offer special class options, such as a self-defense course, so that you can feel ready for anything. 

9Round Fitness

Get your session on the schedule easily with an online setup at 9Round Fitness. Choose from their available dates and times. You can get moving starting as early as 6 a.m. Tuesday through Thursday or 8 a.m. on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays. A 30-minute kickboxing course at their facility is the typical offering. Try an at-home workout with a 21-day challenge that puts you in touch with a trainer. 

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