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Check Out These Virginia Beach Venues Streaming Virtual Performances

Virginia Beach is an outstanding city for live music. The area is known for its vibrant club scene where party music thrives, a cultured stage presence for more highbrow events, and stunning outdoor concerts where all genres are showcased. However, over the past year, the music scene has broadened even more thanks to online concerts. Here are some of the best venues hosting virtual concerts located right by our apartments in Virginia Beach.

Sandler Center for the Performing Arts

The Sandler Center is a staple location in Virginia Beach. Its unique events attract tourists and locals alike. On Sandler's event calendar you'll find a myriad of fun and sophisticated stage performances. They often host stage plays and stand-up comedy, but you can of course get your music fix here, too. Jazz orchestras, classical guitarists, and soul singers are just a few of the kinds of performers who have put on virtual shows with Sandler. 

The Floyd Country Store

The Floyd Country Store may sound like a humble souvenir shop, but it's so much more. The store is run by a team that loves and preserves folk culture, like Appalachian musicians and cloggers. They also support new, local musicians by giving them a space to play. The Floyd Store has made a name for themselves as a cornerstone of the Virginia Beach music scene through these concerts, and now they've brought them online. 


WNRN is a radio station that has been giving airtime to local and indie musicians since 1966. The station is primarily listener funded and places a huge emphasis on community building. It's the perfect organization to give direct support to up-and-coming musicians. Their Home Studio Sessions have done wonders connecting local musicians to listeners all over Virginia this past year. You can watch all of their previous sessions on the WNRN YouTube Channel.

Listening to these local, virtual concerts hosted by Virginia Beach venues will definitely put you at peace. For even more meditative activities, check out these yoga classes from Torch Yoga Studio. For more local suggestions and lifestyle tips, visit our blog

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