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Enjoy Online Yoga Classes from Torch Yoga Studio

The centuries-old practice of yoga took a huge leap lately thanks to today's technology. With a connection to the internet and a handheld electronic device, sessions and classes are available from the comfort of our apartments in Virginia Beach.

Torch Yoga

Part of the Yogapreneur collective, Torch Yoga is committed to changing lives through the fundamental practices of stretching and strengthening exercises. Through a simple three-step process, participants are invited to:

  1. Purchase a new student package for just $30 that includes in-studio sessions and access to virtual classes.

  2. Attend powerful classes led by top-notch yoga instructors.

  3. "Torch your limitations, live the life you have always wanted," while testing your boundaries and mastering your true power of self.

Signing up with Torch Yoga includes a checklist that reminds participants to take breaks, be wary of limitations, stay hydrated, and remain focused. Regular yoga practice can decrease stress and increase strength and mobility.

Types of Classes

Beginners especially should try the FUNdamentals workout. Other classes include Fire and Ice, which starts hot and cools to a more relaxed state. Scorch and Burn is another fiery workout. The goal of Sweet Surrender is improved flexibility to release tension in the hips, hamstrings, lower back, and shoulders. 

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