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Maximize Your Storage Closet

One standout feature at the Apartments at Spence Crossing is the personal outdoor storage closet. Our residents appreciate having a place to items seasonal decor, infrequently-used items, sports equipment and more. 

Our personal outdoor storage closets are accessible from the outside. If you’re storing sports equipment like a bike or surfboard, you don’t need to worry about tracking mud and sand into your home. A vertical bike stand would easily accommodate a bicycle, with floorspace to spare! A surfboard (you are near the beach, after all!) could be strapped vertically to the wall. 

Others may find it more helpful to store gardening supplies, potting soil, trowels, pots, and watering cans for your balcony container garden. Storage shelves in the outdoor storage closet would help you keep everything organized. You could even set up your own potting bench to keep the mess off the patio!

A rolling cart is the perfect multi-purpose item to keep your personal storage closet organized. Maximize the space you have by going vertical with a shallow shelving unit. An inexpensive metal or plastic rack will be durable and utilitarian, giving you the freedom to store items up high and keep the floor clear. Ensuring your storage closet is accessible will be key to keeping it organized. 

If you have young children, your personal storage closet is the perfect waystation whether you’re coming or going! Store your stroller in the closet, along with a stool or a small bench so they can take their shoes off before they go in the house. Put a colorful mat down and make the space feel cozy. A vertical shoe rack in the storage closet would free up valuable space within your home! You could even use bins on the highest shelves to hide Christmas presents from prying little eyes. 

Do you have a dog? Your personal storage closet could be outfitted to keep your dog’s leash, and outdoor toys. Just stick a hook to the inside of the door and set aside a basket for their toys. Stop by the outdoor storage closet when you’re on your way to play fetch at the Bark Park at Spence Crossing Apartments, and grab that frisbee or tennis ball. You could even keep a few grooming items in a bin so that you can wipe off your pet’s paws or brush their coat before the come in the house. What a practical measure during your pet’s shedding season!

Here are some items we recommend for your personal storage closet:

  • A metal rolling cart
  • Removable adhesive hooks for the inside of the closet door
  • Removable dhesive hooks for the walls 
  • A collapsible step stool
  • Shallow storage shelves
  • A bookshelf with cubbies for organization
  • A vertical bike rack

How will you customize your personal outdoor storage closet? Schedule a visit with one of our agents at the Apartments at Spence Crossing to start planning!

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